Picture of HRG showing the front of the car viewed from the side Picture of HRG showing the complete car viewed from the rear Pictures of a completed HRG 1500 for which we made the wings only from original templates. The wings were then shipped to the owner in America.
We specialise in
  • Sheetmetal work and development work. Bespoke and small batch production.
  • Coachwork. Panel work for all types of car and motorcycle.
  • Welding of all types, for most types of metal.
  • History of car production including famous names such as Elva, HRG, CanAm, Ford GT70, BRM, Jenson.

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Hastings Motor Sheet Metal Works was founded in 1932 and is based in Caves Road, Hastings. The company has a history of car production and car restoration work as well as coachbuilding projects. Some of the last HRG car bodies were built at Hastings Motor Sheet Metal Works in the late fifties. To this day the original patterns are still hanging in the workshop and are often used when customers request new parts for a restoration project they are undertaking. We undertake all types of welding including motorcycle petrol tanks and frames, as well as repairs on alloy wheels, cylinder heads and gear box housings. Both classic and modern motorcycles and cars.

Hastings Motor Sheet Metal Works have made many cars over the years, a few of which are listed below

  • 1955-1957 Last six of the HRG's were built
  • 1957-mid 1960 Majority of bodies made for Elva racing cars
  • 1967-1968 Three BRM formula 1 racing car bodies made
  • 1969 Three bodies made for the Carol Shelby CanAM series
  • 1971 Jenson special body made
  • Ford GT70, Ford Escort and Fiesta development work
  • More recently the Rolls Royce Handleigh special
  • 2000 Fraser Nash Replica copy
  • 2009 Elva Mk3 rebuild
  • 2010 Works Demonstrator HRG
  • 2010 Cooper 500
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