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Image of a 1958 Elva racing car
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Image of an Elva racing car
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Image of the rear view of an Elva racing car

Elva MK3 racing car with Les Tye, Alan Jenner and Roy Watson 1958
Elva racing car
Rear view of an Elva racing car
Most of the bodies for the Elva racing cars were made at Caves Road in Hastings and then transported to the Elva garage on the A21 on the outskirts of Hastings, where they were fitted to the chassis. The aluminium bodies were prototypes that were subsequently used as glass fibre moulds. In addition to the body work, Hastings Motor Sheet Metal Works also made the petrol tanks and oil tanks. The Elva garage sadly no longer exists due to the erection of a Sainsbury's superstore, however you can still fill up at the Elva filling station where the entrance to the Elva garage was on the A21 as you enter Hastings. The picture below is one of the Elva MK3 racing cars taken in 1958 with Lesley Tye, Alan Jenner and Roy Watson. Les used to make the middle section, Roy made the rear sections and Alan made the front section.

In 2010 Hastings Motor Sheet Metal Works restored the body work of an Elva Mk3 for the Bexhill Museum. See the Elva Mk3 Project link to see the rebuild as it progressed from the original car to being fully restored.

Picture of the Elva logo